The First Ever Rice-based Solid Perfume

Premium in design and Filipino in structure, we create formulas that put your money’s worth where it belongs—on your skin.

The wax in your solid perfume comes from rice bran, a by-product of rice milling. Every Pete & Alia product reduces waste by making use of the by-products from daily Filipino rice consumption. We developed a product that’s first of its kind and one that the world can proudly call Filipino.

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Invest on you!

Solid perfumes are generally more premium to regular spray-ons due to its fragrance concentration and moisturizing carrier oil, which holds scents for longer periods of time, making it cost a lot more than cheap and drying alcohol. Given this quality, solid perfumes in the market tend to be expensive, but the truth is most of the money actually goes into branding.

The First Ever Rice Based Solid Perfume

We took things a step further and upped the quality of our solid perfume without testing on our furry friends. Our affordable fragrances are premium in design and Filipino in structure as we create better formulas to truly put your money's worth where they belong (on your skin).

1. Formulated and Reformulated for the Philippine Weather.

- Not too hard, not too soft—just right. Solid in the can but liquid to touch, the perfume glides smoothly on the skin.

- Our perfume concentration (40%) ensures long lasting fragrance.

- Unlike spray-ons, this is a buildable kind of solid perfume that allows you to choose the subtlety of the fragrance.

- A formula that is gentle on the skin: alcohol-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.

- The secret ingredient to an easily spreadable, silky yet non-sticky, vegan friendly, formula that works in a warm Philippine setting is rice bran wax, a hydrating by-product of the Philippine’s daily rice consumption

2. Well-Thought Out Packaging.

- Our recyclable packaging of wide-mouthed tin cans, sleek and thin, are designed to be travel-friendly, easy to use, and eco-friendly.

3. A Range of Scents Inspired By You.

- Made by Filpinos for Filipinos.

- All-inclusive scents made by a team of diverse personalities.

- A formula blended to perfection, released in collections.

- Classic, subtle but structured: uniquely Pete & Alia.

4. Charity in Luxury. Better Than Cash Back.

- 10% of your perfume’s proceeds goes to the local farmers of the Philippines with the help of Farm Coop, a non-profit organization that helps farmers from all over Mindanao, and Global Seed Saver, a non-profit organization that helps the local farmers of the Philippines by providing levels of donation, from providing  starter kits, seeds, and technical education to farmers to bring the power and sovereignty of the food system back to the smallholder farmers!

Yes! As of now we ship nationwide, but who knows? We might just ship worldwide soon!

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes, Pete & Alia works with local brands. All of our quality fragrance oil suppliers are Filipino brands! However, some of them source their fragrance oils from Grasse, France, the fragrance capital of the world, as there are some quality scents that you unfortunately cannot legally source locally. 

Are the scents sourced locally?

Are the scents long lasting?

We like to think so because our perfumes are not diluted with water and is at 40% concentration, but we'll let the facts speak for itself. We tested our perfumes on people (no to animal testing), and we noted 4-6 hours (still strong) and 6-10 hours (hardly there). But don't fret, there is plenty in the can for 3-4 applications a day.

How much product is in the can?

One tin can contains approximately 2o grams (0.7 oz.) of product!

How long will it last me?

Most solid perfumes in the market normally offer theirs at 10-15g, so you can bet more wears with ours.

The shelf life of each can is recommended at 6 months to keep the integrity of the scent though usage beyond this will in no way harm your skin. This should accommodate up to 3 or 4 applications daily.

Are the scents long lasting? How much product is in each can and for how long will it last me?

Yes! Unlike most solid perfumes made of beeswax, which is derived from bees, this perfume is rice-based, making it vegan.

Are you really vegan?